Team Standings TheGuru July 31, 2023


To all the coaches, players, parents, supporters, volunteers, and staff members we extend out heartfelt gratitude for your presence and support at Summerslam 23'. Your participation played a vital role in making it a resounding success. Thank you for being an essential part of this memorable occasion!!


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WINNER DC Bulldogs VS LOST Jump - 9AM - (Field House 1)

WINNER 44Hoops VS LOST 613 Spiders - 9AM - (Upper)

WINNER Bram. Warriors VS LOST DC Bulldogs - 11AM - (Field House 2)

WINNER PBT Elite VS LOST 44HOOPS - 11AM - (Field House 1)

Upcoming Games

U10 Final PBT Elite VS Brampton Warriors - 3PM - (Main 1)



Team Uphill - CHAMPIONS



U12 Final - Top Tier VS Peoples - 4PM - (Main Gym 1)



WINNER Sauga City VS FORFEIT Northern - 12PM - (Main Gym 1)

WINNER North Ballers VS LOST DC Bulldogs - 12PM - (Fieldhouse 2)

WINNER Vanguard VS LOST Locked In - 12PM - (Main Gym 2)

WINNER RWI VS LOST Team Allen VS - 1PM - (Main Gym 2)

Quarter Final C - WINNER Uphill VS LOST North Ballers - 2PM - (Main Gym 1)

Upcoming Games

Quarter Final A - PEEL VS RWI 2PM - (Fieldhouse 1)

Quarter Final B Vanguard VS Cadougan Elite - 2PM - (Fieldhouse 2)

Quarter Final D - 2PM - (Main Gym 2)

Semi final B - 4PM - (Fieldhouse 2)

Semi final A - 4PM - (Fieldhouse 1)

U14 Final - 5PM - (Fieldhouse 2)



WINNER Cadougan Elite VS LOSS Locked In - 9AM - (Main Gym 1)

WINNER NYE VS FORFEIT Peoples - 9AM - (Main Gym 2)

WINNER Loaded Exposure VS FORFEIT DLab - 9AM - (Field House 2)

WINNER Vanguard VS LOSS DC United - 11AM - (Upper Gym)

WINNER Cadougan VS LOSS Peel Elite -11am - (Main Gym 1)

WINNER Loaded Exposure VS CKATT - 1PM - (Main Gym 1)

Upcoming Games

NYE Vs Hardwood Kings -12pm - (Main Gym 1)

Semi final A - 3PM - (Fieldhouse 1)

Semi final B - 3PM - (Fieldhouse 2)

U15 Final- 6PM - (Main Gym)



WINNER Vanguard Sel VS LOSS Brampton Warrior - 10AM - (Main Gym 1)

WINNER Cadougan VS LOSS - Breakdown - 10AM - (Main Gym 2)

WINNER Fil Hoops VS LOSS Extra Step - 10AM - (Fieldhouse 1)

WINNER Strive Hoops VS LOSS CKATT - 10AM - (Upper Gym)

Upcoming Games

Semi final B - Cadougan Elite VS Vanguard Select 5PM - (upper)

Semi final A - Strive VS Fil Hoops - 6PM - (Fieldhouse 2)

U16 final - 8:30PM - (Main )



WINNER CKATT VS FORFEIT Innisfil - 1PM - (Main Gym 2)

WINNER Sauga City Kings VS LOSS Strive Hoops VS 12PM - (Upper Gym)

Upcoming Games

Extra Steps VS Foundation - 3PM - (Main Gym 2)

Maharlika VS Wolfpack - 3PM - (Upper)

U17 Semifinal A - 6PM - (Fieldhouse 1)

U17 Semifinal B - 6PM - (Upper)

U17 FINAL - 7:30PM - (Main Gym)



WINNER Phoenix Elite VS LOSS DLab - 10AM - (Fieldhouse 2)

WINNER Windsor Suns VS LOST Sauga City Kings - 2PM - (Upper)

WINNER DC United VS LOST ABA - 1PM - (Fieldhouse 1)

Upcoming Games

Red Raiders 2 VS Red Raiders 1 - 1PM - (Fieldhouse 2)

Execution Elite VS PXH Elite 1PM - (Upper)

U18 Semifinal B- 3PM - (Fieldhouse 2)

U18 Semifinal A- 4PM - (Main 2)

U18 final- 7PM - (Fieldhouse 1)


U10 Playoff A (6th vs 3rd)613 vs 44hoops

U10 Playoff B (4th vs 5th)Jump VS DC Bulldogs

U10 Semi C (1st vs Winner A)

U10 Semi D (2nd vs Winner B)


U11 Playoff D (Loser A vs Loser B)

U11 Playoff C (Winner A vs Winner B)


Click here: U12 Playoff A (1st vs 4th)WTop Tier 41 VS Tripple Balance 30

Click Here: U12 Playoff B (2nd vs 3rd)W Peoples 61 VS Team Uphill 57

U12 Playoff C (Winner A vs Winner B)

U12 Playoff D (Loser A vs Loser B)

U12 Playoff E (Loser C vs Winner D)



U15 playoff C (1st vs Winner A) 9PM

U15 playoff G (2nd vs Winner B) 9PM



U18/19 Playoff A (7th vs 10th)DLab VS Red Raiders 2

U18/19 playoff B (8th vs 9th) Hoops (FORFEIT) VS Sauga City W