Soccer Program TheGuru February 6, 2020
Soccer Program
Youth Development

Our soccer program is a dynamic and high-energy program introducing and developing children/youth the fundamental soccer skills and tactics. Our program is designed to be fun while developing each players fitness and soccer skills.

Dedicated Coaches

TAB Soccer Stars believe that all player development starts from consistent and dedicated coaching and training. Our coaches have a vast amount of experience playing competitively and understand the importance of focused coaching and training to reach one’s full potential.

Program Schedule
  • Date: 2024 Season dates coming soon
  • Time: Ages: 7-13yrs - 10am to 11am / Ages 14yrs+ 11am-12pm
  • Location: TBA
  • TAB Leaders: Coach Dennis
Session Information
Time is divided into skill sessions, training, and informal competitions and gameplay amongst the groups.
  • Sessions are 60 minutes long
  • Participants are grouped in ages 7-13 or 14+ years old
  • End of program awards
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Skill Fundamentals

Participants will learn and execute the correct fundamental soccer skills

A pass is when a player kicks the ball to another member of their team.

A move in which a player runs with the ball at his feet past one or more defenders.

Trapping / Controlling

The action of a player using their skills to bring the football under control from a pass or when the ball is running loose.

Hitting the ball in an attempt to score a goal. It is usually done using the feet or head.

Coach Dennis in Action

A little glimpse what is to be expected, watch Coach Dennis in action!

Athletics & Academics go hand in hand.
Accurate methodologies
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Defensive and Offensive Concepts
Participants will learn different defensive and offensive team tactics; partial and full scrimmages drills from 1v1 to 11v11; continue individual skill development
The Give-and-Go

A player passes (gives) to a teammate and cuts (goes) to the net, attempting to break free of his defender and expecting a return pass from his teammate.

Diagonal Runs

A run by an "off-the-ball" attacker across the field with some forward movement. 

Defensive Angles

Moving nearer to the ball in order to reduce passing or shooting angles.


Using lanes to divide the soccer field into three equal areas to teach spacing and effective positioning for advancements.

Counter Attacks

A fast and direct attack that occurs from a moment of transition (when one team wins the ball from the other mid-game).

Long Ball Tactics

To move the ball a long distance down the field via one long aerial kick from either a goalkeeper or a defender directly to an attacking player, with the ball generally bypassing the midfield.