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Head of Soccer Operations

Dennis Thompson is Head of Soccer Operations at Teach and Ball. He was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. As a young man, he fell in love with sports, specifically soccer and began his athletic journey on the streets of Kingston with his peers. When he was younger, he remembers that he could not play in shoes because most of his friends were not fortunate enough to own a pair of their own.

Dennis attended his first try outs at the age of 11, where he unfortunately did not make it. However, a few years later, he tried out for his school team. He had two friends that made the cut, but unfortunately, he did not. He made a conscious effort to not be discouraged and kept perfecting his skills.

In 2001, Dennis moved to Toronto and that following year, he got selected to play for the junior team. He also had the opportunity to also play for the varsity team that same year. In 2003, the custodian of the school he was attending, encouraged to try out for his son’s team. He did not make the cut again, but that did not deter him or make him give up.


While in college, Dennis remembers winning a game during his first year with a penalty shot. It was during his college years that he was given the nickname Trix. This is a nickname that has stuck with him to this day. He has always been motivated to push the limits and challenge himself in soccer. During his warmups, he noticed he would start doing things that his teammates could not do.

They would make jokes, but Dennis has always been confident and passionate about taking it to the next level. He loved being creative with the ball and enjoyed learning new things about himself, where soccer is concerned and his skills.

With his determination to be great, he learned new ways using the soccer ball called the “Soccer Freestyle”; this changed his life forever. It taught him things that he did not realize he was capable of doing.  This intrigued him and became the encouragement he needed to start practicing regularly.

With his determination and dedication, Dennis has become a top Soccer player. He was asked to show his football skills at a half-time show that took place in the centre field for an international game against Costa Rica with over 10K fans. He remembers being extremely nervous; but luckily, he had a coach who was able to quickly identify his nerves and coach him through his stage fright. After that game, it seemed like opportunities were being thrown at him from every angle. 

In 2009, he received what he described as the call of a lifetime. He had the opportunity to play professional soccer in Nicaragua. Without hesitation, he jumped at the opportunity and was extremely glad he did. In this time of his life, he learned a lot about living the professional athlete lifestyle as he played in Nicaragua for the entire season.

When Dennis returned to Canada, he was asked to tour the USA for the 2010 World Cup. He also had the opportunity to tour again in 2011 and 2012. Although he enjoyed growing in his professional career, he aspired to do more to help the youth. That is when he enrolled himself into various coaching courses. It became his focus to begin a moment where the objective is to inspire young minds. 

As the years went by, he increased his coaching services to teaching ball mastery. He travelled to Africa in 2017 for the French Olympics Francophone games in the Ivory Coast. The experience was like no other. That is when he realized he wanted to put his focus into building confidence levels in the younger generation with soccer. By sharing his love for soccer, Dennis has successfully built a standing for himself, with the help of his community both on and off the field.

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Doing tricks with the soccer ball!


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