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Helping Students Achieve Academic Success
Educational Support

Teach and Ball tutors specialize in supporting children from elementary to high school. We do assessments to determine the needs of every student in order to implement a program that is suitable for the child’s learning.

Why you should register for our Beyond The Stars Program.
For All Subjects

Not only do we offer academic tutoring for elementary to high school students, we also offer university application prepreration guideline and information.

One on One

We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to succeed. With the support from Teach and Ball, we are determine to working toward a future where every child has the individualized support they need to become strong academically and lifelong learners.

Family Support Comprehension
Our tutors are open to consulting you and your family on how to create learning pods that will support your child’s academic growth as well as social development.
Tutoring Concepts
Evaluating the Students Needs

It is key that we identify a students strengths and weaknesses. This ensures that our time is used in an efficient matter, and is essential in creating and establishing major and minor goals.

Building Relationships & Establishing Rapport

Qualified teachers understand that education and trust go hand in hand. We want our students to reach their full potential, and create a safe space where it's okay to make mistakes and turn those into opportunities for growth.

Tracking Progress & Rewarding Improvement

We assess and then we re-assess as we go and as needed. Student's will be tested in order to evaluate and track progress. Confidence is so important and therefore reward effort and improvements.

Program Schedule
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Session Information
  • Session information is coming soon, stay tuned!
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