Dylon Ramiah TheGuru May 17, 2023


Director of Marketing

Dylon Ramiah is the Director of Marketing of Teach and Ball. He had dreams of playing in the MLB but after 2 years of AAA Baseball, his playing career ended. He then went back to school as a mature student, completing his Bachelor’s at York University and breaking barriers within his family, as the first to attend and graduate from University. His passion for sports continued and with the Jays Care Foundation, he began helping youth with cognitive and/or physical disabilities across Canada by teaching baseball and personal life skills. Through this, he developed remote programs and helped with marketing efforts. These marketing strategies led him to creating a bookmark business with his partner, working with Sportsnet and now, he is currently working with the Toronto Blue Jays.

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Favorite quote

“Use the world as your library.”
-Kobe Bryant

My favorite color is green.

Favorite subject & why?

Phys. Ed

Physical education because
I enjoy being active!

Least favorite subject & why?


They are all important!

What is a unique talent you have?



I am grateful for: My loved ones
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Favorite Foods
  • Chicken Wings
  • Tacos
  • Burgers
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