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Director of Administration & Events

Dymond Parker-Wallace is the Event Coordinator at Teach and Ball. She was born and raised in Rexdale, a marginalized community with her single mother. She has always had a passion for creative expression.  She started dancing from the age of 3 for 16 years; she did everything like tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, pointe, musical theatre and acrobatics. She participated in various competitions (sometimes multiple per year) and dance recitals, as well as talent shows, fashion shows and Black History Month plays at school. She also co-founded her church’s dance ministry, took guitar and piano lessons and played the flute in her school’s band. 

Dymond lived in a marginalized community but went to school in a privileged area, where she noticed an imbalance in the way education was pushed between both communities. She was interested in advocating for youth in her community and after high school, Dymond attended the University of Windsor. She completed 2 years towards courses and came home and continued to study at Ryerson. In 2012, she completed her diploma in Special Events Planning at George Brown College.

When Dymond was a teenager, she realized her administrative and organizational skills were worth pursuing. She was very active in her church at that time and became a part of their administrative team. This gave her a foundation for her administrative skills as she would manage databases, register attendees for events and even had the opportunity to get creative by making jeopardy presentations for her youth group to make the lessons more enticing.  At University, she realized she had a passion for planning events. During her time at university, she was granted an opportunity to be the leader of a student group that ran educational, athletic and social events for her peers. She uses her transferable skills of communication, organization and client/customer relations in different roles. She has worked as a Medical Secretary at various hospitals for over 14 years and is now pursuing her dreams of working alongside a team that works to enhance community safety in her professional career.

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