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Web Developer

Jashawn Smith is the Web Developer at Teach and Ball. She is a professional graphic and digital designer and successful and self-proclaimed creative. She has a variety of social media skills which covers a wide range of digital and media communications. Her skill set also includes digital arts, graphic design, creative writing, and public speaking.

Having such a wide range of creative skills is truly a blessing in this digital era. Jashawn has always had passion for community involvement and the well-being of children and youth. She plans to use her refined skills, as a mentor, to develop the younger generation’s digital media skill set.

“Life is a balance of negatives, and positives. One cannot exist without the other. Learn your lessons from the negatives, and relish in the positives, but most of all show gratitude for both: lessons and blessings.” This is not just a quote to Jashawn, but a way to navigate through our lives.

Against the advice of her teachers, Jashawn started her working career right out of high school. She earned her badge as a superior customer service specialist. Over the next 12 years, she would develop her communication and professional skills. It was until she was denied a promotion that she decided to pursue her post-secondary education. That experience helped her understand what her teachers were trying to help her understand. At that moment, she decided to pursue education in Media Communications.

Jashawn is now a Media Communications graduate (honors) from Humber College. She has excellent communication skills and the ability to build and maintain professional business relationships. While completing her studies at Humber College, she also worked as a Professional Skills Enhancement Leader on campus. She helped international students develop professional soft skills and effective communication skills in the workplace. 

Jashawn is bilingual in English and French and has her own unique style when it comes to appealing to various audiences and speaking in their language!     

In this digital era, it takes a creative mind to be able to connect with an audience. She effectively communicates and connects with her audiences using various research and analysis techniques. She values the art of storytelling and adds her finishing touches by making it visually appealing.  

When she is not in work mode, she is a dreamer, a writer, a poet, a musician, and a creative thinker. She has performed at various talent shows, and open mics across the GTA. She calls herself a student of life, and despite the challenges she’s faced jumping from job to job, it is a combination of her willingness, consistent efforts and determination that has led her to success. 

Over the years she has worked for various organizations in customer relations, administration, and has experience in effectively leading a team. As a freelancer she is disciplined and resourceful and has the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously; but she is at her best when she is a part of a team!  

She has learned many great lessons from her own life, and this makes her relatable to students that face similar struggles. She also has a very distinctive, yet natural approach to making others feel welcome and at ease. Jashawn is an avid observer, and listener, and has a level of understanding which will aid and assist young students to deal with life and resolve problems.

Calm, cool, and collected, Jashawn is a talented and humble role model for students and is an asset to the TAB organization. 

Accomplished skills
We are the agency behind the design
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Pixel perfect design 90%
Web development 94%
Graphic design 95%
Typography 86%
On social networks
We create digital ideas that are bigger, braver and better.

Favorite quote

“A Woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.”
-Maya Angelou

My favorite color is purple.

Favorite subject & why?


Creative writing was my thing from a young age, I also loved writing speeches for public speaking contests.

Least favorite subject


Math was not my strongest suit, numbers turned my brain to mush!

What is a unique talent you have?

Play Guitar

One year I decided to buy a guitar and teach myself how to play…i’m not a pro but mission accomplished!


I am thankful for: My nieces and nephews who always bring light and joy into my life, even on my darkest days. And I'm especially thankful for my brother and sister for having them!
Book Recommendations
Favorite Movies/TV Shows
Favorite Foods
  • Pizza
  • More Pizza
  • Sushi
  • Welch's Fruit snacks 🙂

Favorite quote

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. -Nelson Mandela

Favorite Subject In School



Think & GrowRich

- by Napoleon Hill
Architecture tends to consume everything else it has become one's entire life.


Winning awards

for creative design

Nominee for jury

in awwwards.com

Creative designer

in apple design

A smiling story about me
about me

Hi there, I am a Brian Wilson creative developer and designer, I enjoy building beautiful and thoughtful experiences. I like to mix code surprising visuals and pleasing interactions.

current job
Currently working with good people and pushing envato studio in beautiful King Street, Melbourne, Australia.
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