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TAB’s 25 for 25



It’s possible you came here because someone asked you to. This person could be a friend, a family member, a friend of a friend, a co-worker, an associate, even a stranger! That person is a special person for bringing you here, and you are just as special for coming! We appreciate you, and we can’t thank you enough! We are glad that you are #HAPPY2SUPPORT. Your contribution of only $25 dollars will directly impact the lives of so many youths.

You can feel good knowing that you will inspire someone who will then inspire someone else and so on. Together we will help them show up in this world prepared for the challenges, and brighter days. From the bottom of our hearts, WE THANK YOU!

If you know other special people just like you feel free to share this link with them too, let’s spread the love and kindness…this world needs it!

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