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Tosin Tokunboh is the founder and CEO of Teach and Ball. His journey is one of determination where there are no boundaries, only opportunities. With ten years of experience in teaching children and youth, Tosin strives to bring his finest quality of skills to each of his students. He has two children and is the youngest among four brothers. His close family upbringing kept him well aligned with a sense of purpose… Building a community for young people where they can learn and refine their life skills with the help of a positive mentor.

Tosin grew up in Rexdale, one of Toronto’s high priority neighbourhoods. Although he has experienced many hurdles while living in a neglected and poor community, he’s established himself well from a developing society and is proud of his journey. However, beyond his struggles, he was devoted to his work; and with his dedication, he has made remarkable changes in his life.

His passion for youth empowerment brought him to the University of Windsor. He completed his Bachelor’s in Sociology in 2010 Bachelor’s of Education in 2013. 

During his time at the University of Windsor, a student-run organization selected Tosin as the group leader. In this role, he was responsible for organizing various student groups activities. He was a leader of the student culture at that time. Furthermore, he has also served as a student advisor as he was concerned with the academia of the students.


Tosin has significantly refined his skills in mentorship, education, and sports. His professional career started as a Program Leader with Toronto Community Housing. He saw successes in this role, and it solidified that he is a community leader and needs to do all he can for the younger generation.

During summers he would do volunteer work for his community. One of his volunteer roles was with the Toronto Police Service’s Pro Action for kid’s campaign. By maintaining his consistency and determination he has made outstanding achievements for the youth. He is deeply rooted in community advancement and brings his energy, passion and experience.

Tosin has always worked in a way that he could give back to the community. After completing his first degree in Sociology from the University of Windsor, Tosin became a Child and Youth Worker. He has worked with children and teens with autism spectrum disorder for many years, while developing a great passion to help others. 

He has volunteered with the Youth Justice Program as a probation and Parole Officer for Correctional Service Canada. Moreover, he has also served as a Youth Outreach Specialist at the YMCA of Greater Toronto. At YMCA, he enhanced his mentorship skills with the youth.

After achieving his Bachelor’s of Education, he was able to work more closely with the community as a teacher at the Toronto District School Board. He has also served as an operator for the Toronto Transit Commission. Tosin is hardworking and works hard with the youth to teach the future to be the future.

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